Reasons to Invest in an Xml Content Server for Your Digital Asset Management Solution

Reasons to Invest in an Xml Content Server for Your Digital Asset Management Solution

Reasons to Invest in an Xml Content Server for Your Digital Asset Management SolutionAuthor: 10x Marketing Organizations laden with digital content like images, sound and documents are looking for a digital asset management solution. An XML content server is an XML platform that is built on top of an organizationís existing content base allowing organizations to quickly retrieve content via enterprise search within milliseconds to streamline business processes and create new and profitable works. Digital asset management systems aid in the process of cataloging, storing and exporting files. Here are some convincing reasons to invest in a digital asset management solution like an XML content server.   An XML content server is more than just a digital file cabinet. It has the capability to quickly retrieve digital media and provides built in text mining tools.

As a digital asset management tool, the system supports retrieval of more than just documents, it retrieves images, video and audio files.   This application allows organizations to track where content has been and how it was used and they can search within all of their organizationís existing digital assets ranging from full textbooks, articles and images.   This digital asset management solution allows businesses to consolidate all digital assets in one powerful repository, easily move content from print to digital processes while reduce the time and cost of content production by capitalizing on content reuse.

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