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Shadow Warrior, My Life in the CIA

Shadow Warrior, My Life in the CIAAuthor: Philip TufanoBy Philip Tufano  Part One of Four When I started working for the CIA in the early 1990s the agency back then seemed to have no direction, no specific mission, except their omnipresent mandate to protect Americans and national security. The USSR and communism were finished, East Germany and the wall that divided the East and West Germans had fallen and terrorism was something that happened in Europe and in Israel.


Reverse Cell Phone Numbers - Find Cell Phone Numbers

Reverse Cell Phone Numbers - Find Cell Phone NumbersAuthor: BennieHas a special cell count bugging you were such an extent that they thought the setting of a private detective to "track? Well, you might want to think twice. Today, like hiring an investigator could cost up to $ 200 and he might take days or even weeks to get the job done. Instead, as can most other cases, people now with the Internet and seek the help of a reliable online database to a reverse cell phone search to be done! ==>Get Best Reverse Phone Number Trace Service<==   People carry out such testing, for a number of reasons: To put an end to this prank callers To find out who the spouse is always comfortable with, while you were away Various other reasons such as the identification of an incoming caller ID, employers spy on employees and parents who want to keep an eye on their teenagers.


Gaining Exposure Within Writing.Com

Dear Writing Reader, One of the most popular questions from Authors on Writing.Com is: How do I gain exposure on Writing.Com? In this letter, I will provide numerous tips for increasing the amount of exposure you receive on Writing.Com. Tip #1: Utilize Our Newsletters! Every week Writing.Com sends out over 140,000 issues of its 13 various newsletters. Each week, Newsletter Editors ask for questions and feedback from their readers.