Finer than any "Fine"

Finer than any

The humdrum in Pune, one of India's busy cities, was as usual that day when the city woke up with news journals crying out loud for help. Help for the routine victims of various common factors governing any cosmopolitan city. Government’s apathy towards order is letting the chaos form its own pattern and has reached such an extent of perfection that a father often finds contradicting his lessons after being imparted to his child by himself. Today, there is tremendous rush for paradigm shifts. India Inc is dreaming to make it larger than life. The bourgeois approach in today’s economy leaves very little room for labor laws to protect individuals, as the concept is widely misunderstood and feared after we observed the results of radical implementation of Trade Union role in jeopardizing the concept of profit, towards which, not only the Organizations thrive but ‘profit’ is in the womb of any idea that is finally shaped and formed in the form of any financial bill.

Finer than any

The cosmopolitan citizen thrives to be better with each passing day. Some say success is directly proportional to the salary earned while there are others who believe in power and degree of control exercised over others to be the actual flavor of success. In a way quite innovative and convenient to achieve the end result desired, today’s corporate world and especially the Organizations in the BPO sector have derived effective tools to deliver within stringent deadlines and equally stringent budget constraints alongwith a continuous mad rush to achieve the Nirvana of being the most cost effective Organization.

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