Finer than any "Fine"

A virtual bout goes on for 24hrs, round the clock, with topics of arguments varying at different hours of the day, better known as ‘Shifts end’ or ‘Shift start’ in the BPO lingo. All the numbers seem to be chasing ‘profit’, sometimes also conveniently referred to as ‘efficiency’ by the top brass of business executives passed out from elite business schools which taught about many other responsibilities of a function in running a business but practical life has left them with just one, more and more and more ‘profit’. Conveniently camouflaged with the word ‘efficiency’. As a common man from the rural in this society of cosmopolitan gizmo Ravi could never fathom the amazing balance act of such a vast array of socioeconomic cohabitation. A mammoth of a contrast is lived by him everyday, how can he ignore the influence of social status difference? The drivers of the BPO Industries, mostly, earn in the range of three thousand to a maximum of four and a half thousand rupees per month.

Amidst an array of difficulties with employee cooperation factor, mostly employees requesting the drivers to wait ‘just a little’ by putting on the gimmick of a friendly approach, city traffic and road conditions, the deal seemed to be a tough one. Of course, one would cry havoc if its monsoon and the city is poured with power cuts to make life miserable just a little more. Ravi along with approximately 4 Lacs of other cab drivers are subjects to a penalty of almost 500 rupees if they arrive late for more than five minutes with the employees in the organisation, which entails an allowance of only a couple of times of leeway to be late, and, the full month’s salary is shelled out.

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