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Tips for Saving When Traveling in a Group - My news blog


Tips for Saving When Traveling in a Group

Discount holiday packages for large groups of travelers are offered through a number of travel agencies. Sports fans may be able to travel to big events using one of these travel packages for much cheaper than organizing it on their own.   If you want to join a group tour so you dont have to travel alone consider all the pros and cons. Will there be like-minded people? Is there any flexibility to the travel arrangements? If not, will this outweigh the savings youll make on joining the tour? Some travelers like the convenience of all the travel arrangements being made for them. Group tour operators will find the best fares and reputable places to stay in. This saves you the hassle but it may mean that some of the cultural experiences you want will have to be put aside for the relatively cheaper ride.   Traveling in a family group can also benefit from a number of offers. Inform your booking agent that it is a family and ask about any special offers or deals. Can you visit any amusement parks or tourist attractions at family discount rates?   When traveling in a group, never be afraid to ask for a discounted rate. Everyone involved in the tourism trade is looking to get large numbers on seats or through doors. Groups are welcomed and catered for accordingly.   This article is brought to you by: Stuart S. Travel Your Online Travel Guru www.stuartstravel.comAbout the Author:Stuart S. Travel / Your All World Online Travel Guru: Sherry Hardesty has been a professional flight attendant for over 15 years. Her experience is extensive and she provides professional travel consulting and booking services at http://www.stuartstravel.comArticle Source: ArticlesBase.com - Tips for Saving When Traveling in a Group

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Luxury of SPA bathAuthor: Iftikhar TirmiziThe art and science of using water for therapeutic rejuvenation purposes is called a Spa. A Spa and bath is associated with the immersion of the body into an aerated water bath within the confines of a small tub large enough to fit in a person. These Spas have a very long history permeating into the ancient Greek and Roman bathing rituals. The Romans adapted to the Greek methods of bathing including public bathing centers.


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Luxury Hotels in Dover Kent England

By: Edinburgh, Scotland's proud capital is a city of heritage and history. It is among the finest cities to visit, with ancient landmarks and a fantastic culture, Edinburgh will show you beautiful, extraordinary landscapes. By: If you want an action packed experience, one where you're living the high life and where you can have fun every minute, then consider visiting Las Vegas. Here you can indulge in gambling in many casinos, enjoy the entertaining night life, splash out on some tasteful shopping and wine and dine in some fantastic restaurants.

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