Does New Fruit2day Rival Fresh Fruit?

Here's the ingredient list for Strawberry Orange: strawberry pieces apple juice from concentrate white grape juice from concentrate orange juice with pulp from concentrate banana puree pineapple pieces and puree aronia berry juice from concentrate acerola cherry juice from concentrate natural flavor 9 ingredients, 5 of which are juices. The problem with juicing fruit is that vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals are lost in the process.  This includes vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, and fiber. And why do we need fiber?  Quite simply: Because of fiber, and because precious food components haven’t been lost through processing, natural plant foods fill you up and do not cause abnormal physiological cravings or hormonal imbalances. Eating fruits and vegetables with the fiber intact also slows down the rate of glucose absorption, which will prevent blood sugar spikes. SIDE NOTE: The above quote is from Eat To Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.  Even though it’s advertised as a diet book, Eat To Live is actually more of a collection of scientific studies pointing to the positive effects of eating a diet devoid of animal products.  And while Dr. Fuhrman does advocate eating cooked grains, legumes, and veggies, he also encourages unlimited amounts of raw fruit and vegetables in the diet. Pasteurization In order for Fruit2day to have any sort of a shelf life without preservatives, the majority of the ingredients must be pasteurized. So, all of the fruit juices are heat-treated. And as we already know, heat = nutrient loss.

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