A Deer in the Headlights

A Deer in the Headlights

A Deer in the HeadlightsAuthor: gregchapmanIt's that time of year again where collisions are all too common between vehicles and deer. Between the deer population seeking out more living space due to humans encroaching on them and the increase of male deer activity between October through December with mating season - the chance of your car being in an accident with a deer is highly possible. So what can you do to potentially avoid such collisions? Here are some suggestions from various professionals:1.   Watch Forested Areas - Deer live in forests, there is no way around it. If you are driving through their territory you need to be extra cautious. Deer cross roads for a wide variety of reasons and at different times of the year. Often they are moving around their habitat. Even if you are familiar with a roadway and haven't seen deer crossing it, know that deer can change their migration patterns. When driving through forested areas, watch both sides of the roads for any signs of wildlife, signs of movement, flashes of eyes or body shapes. 2.   Drive at a safe speed - Keeping your speed down while driving through places you know there will be deer will help you come to a quicker stop and possibly brake as well as possibly avoid hitting the deer in the first place. Wildlife experts have recommended 55 mph as a suitable speed for wildlife zones in good weather conditions, as it provides you with some reaction time to stop.

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