An Essay as a Work of Art

An Essay as a Work of Art

An Essay as a Work of ArtAuthor: Susan Hutchings  I imagine that none of you have ever looked at your essay in the same way that you look at a painting or other work of art. I would like you to consider your essay in this way. The old saying that first impressions count still holds true. Imagine the examiner as an antique’s dealer looking at a table. If the table is dirty, scratched, misshapen, the dealer will be loathe to examine the table in more detail. If the most appealing aspect of the table lies in the interior engraving of its drawers, the dealer will not be that enthusiastic to examine the table further. His overall impressions will have been marred by first appearances.

An Essay as a Work of Art

The same is true for the examiner. He can see the format and overall appearance of the essay before he starts to read it. If the appearance is pleasing, then he will read the essay expecting the content to mirror the appearance. This is not to say that he will award marks to the essay if its content is blatantly incorrect, but he will approach the essay as if it is well written.

Also, if the content is average border line/fail, the examiner may award marks for a well presented essay. A well presented essay is pleasing on the eye. This is why it is so important to reference the essay properly and in accordance with the instructions.

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