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(7) Conference organized by the Yoruba Association of Nigeria, at Olabisi Onabanjo Ogun State of Nigeria, Oct. 2004. College of Education, Ondo Govt. Girls’ School, Ado-Ekiti, August 2001. 1. B. A. THESIS (1986), Odun Osanyin Ni Osun-un Ekiti, Un-published B.A. Thesis, Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife. 2. M.A.THESIS Incantation Unpublished M.A. Thesis, University of Lagos. 3. Ph.D THESIS Indigenous Healthcare Delivery System. University of Ibdan Nigeria. 4. (1992) Awure: The Yoruba luck-bringing Incantation Ihafa: A journal of African Studies Vol. 1, No. 1 PP. 44 – 51. 5. (1993) “Ifarasin Ibamu Ero ati igbagbo Awon Yoruba Nipa Ijinji Ifa” Opanbata LASU Journal of Yoruba Studies, No. 1 PP. 53 – 65. 6. (1996) Litireso Alohun Yoruba Lagos: Karohunwi Publishers. 7. (1997) “ Osanyin: The Yoruba Tutelary God of Medicine” Yoruba Idea: pp. 153 – 158 1997. 8. (1997) “ Afinimona Lori oro Geere Alohun Yoruba” Langbasa: (Jona Ise Akada ni Ede Yoruba) No. 6, August, 1991. 9. (1997) “Imele” and “Akebaje omo” in Olunlade etal Akewi N Ke, Iwe keji Osogbo: Sumob Publishers. 10. (1997), “Iwa Rere” and Akoko ko duro Denikan” in Olunlade etal Akewi N Ke, Iwe keji 11. (1997) “Igboran San Jebo lo “in Olunlade, etal Akewi N Ke Iwe keta Osogbo: Sumob Publishers. 12. 1998) :Isese Ajemawujo: Opomulero Litireso Yoruba” LAANGBASA Asian Studies, Unilag. 13. (1999): A Preliminary Analysis of “Itan OriIrun” Ihafa: A journal of African Studies, Vol. III, No. 1. 14. (1997) “The concept of Birth Comntrol Among the Yoruba”. Ihafa A journal African Studies Vol.

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