Google Changed the Game for PPC Advertisers - Are you ready?

2.  Create a wordpress blog or some other form of webpage as your landing pages.  Google is in love with blogs right now and they are ranking higher in searches than the guys spending 5 grand a day in adversiting. This blog page can be very simple, just a review on the product your promotig and why they should buy through you.  This can be set up very very quickly and be profitable within 24 hours depending on your promtion.  You can easily have 5 websties up and running and them all be affiliate sites.  Plus its FREE to set up the blogs.  Blog - Good.  3, LongTail keywords - Ok I know what your thinking, I've heard a million things about longtail keywords I get it I get it...but did you know that you should be using the lower searched keywords verses the higher ones?  Seems incorrect as you want to bid on keywords that the millions are searching for right....WRONG!  You want to bid on words or phrases that are lower in search volume say 1000 to 5000 searches a month.  Your target market will read more of your ads and your keywords will match your searches exactly.  Thus lower click through rates through google and higher profit margins for you. As things change in the affiliate world and Google changes its rules is important that you keep up in order to tap into the amazing amount of money in affiliate markeitng.  Learn more at the University of Affliate Marketing and see what you've been missing.  ShowMeWhatI'mMissing The truth is people are going to lose a ton of money in this change so all affiliate marketers should pay attention and get the information we need to keep the great lives we have.

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