5 Factors to Look for When Choosing the Perfect Target Market

If they donít already want nor need what you offer, it will ultimately cost you much more in marketing dollars to educate them on what it is you do offer and why they should buy it now. 2. Theyíve Got Cash! Simply put, it doesnít matter how hungry your target market is. If they canít afford to buy what youíre selling, they may not be a good target market for you Ė you simply canít draw blood from a stone. However, thereís always the possibility of finding someone else who can afford you on their behalf.

5 Factors to Look for When Choosing the Perfect Target Market

In other words, look for others who have the cash that would stand to benefit from your shared target market having access to what you offer and market your idea to them. 3. Theyíre Easily Reachable! The harder it is to get in front of your target market, the more expensive it gets -- and for small businesses, that typically spells disaster. Unfortunately or fortunately, small businesses just donít have that bottomless pocket full of cash to spend on marketing themselves -- this forces them to be smarter and more creative marketers. Bottom line here is you donít want to make your job any harder, or more expensive, than it has to be, so pick a target market that you can get to easily. 4. There Are Enough of Them Around! A proper target market has to be large enough for you to not only survive, but thrive. Chances are that if there are only a handful of prospects interested in what you offer, unless your product is extremely consumable, it may be difficult to sustain your business -- let alone grow it.

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