Ravi Dhande - Authors Articles -

Ravi Dhande - Authors Articles -

Fungi are prominent sources of pharmaceuticals and are used in many industrial fermentative processes, such as the production of enzymes, vitamins, pigments, lipids, glycolipids, polysaccharides and polyhydric alcohols. During the past 50 years, several major advancements in medicine came from lower organisms such as molds, yeasts and the other diverís fungi. Fungi are extremely useful in making high value products like mycoproteins and acts as plant growth promoters and disease suppressor. Fungal secondary metabolites are important to our health and nutrition and have tremendous economic impact.

Ravi Dhande - Authors Articles -

In addition to this, fungi are extremely useful in carrying out biotransformation processes. Recombinant DNA technology, which includes yeasts and other fungi as hosts, has markedly increased market for microbial enzymes. Today, fungal biotechnology is a major participant in the global industry due to its mind blowing potential.

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