Online Dating Tips

Online Dating Tips

Online Dating TipsAuthor: Tonja WeimerThere are many people who want to date, but tell me they are afraid of meeting someone on the Internet.  Theyíve heard the horror stories of the impostors, crazies, and users.  Obviously, no one wants to attract trouble. However, people meet and fall in love everyday with someone they met online.  Just as you would take precautions meeting any stranger anywhere, there are rules to follow and signs to look for that will protect you.  It IS possible to meet someone wonderful.  Dating online is also called social networking.  This term refers to groups of people who share similar interests.  Social networking services that are web based provide ways to email, chat, and instant message. Over 40 million Americans use online dating services, which is about 40% of the adult single population. Internet dating services are no longer considered to be just an amusing idea, or, for only the lonely.  They are part of the new world of communication and interaction.  They are viable, realistic ways for you to meet someone you might not have ever had the chance to know.  Here are your basic guidelines: Try several sites. Do some research and see which sites suit your interests and personality.  There are singles sites for people who love horses, dogs, organic gardening, or travel.  Thereís a site for almost any interest.  The best mix would be to choose a large generic site like Yahoo Personals, Plenty of Fish, or  A second site could be more specific and tailored to your interests like or  I donít recommend free sites.  My clients tell me they donít find good matches there.

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