Baby Sleep Tips

Baby Sleep Tips

Baby Sleep TipsAuthor: Maxine Williams Probably one of the hardest adjustments of having a new baby is the lack of sleep that goes hand in hand with your baby needing regular feeds throughout the night. If your baby is hungry it needs to be fed, but there are a few things that can help your baby settle for longer until it is only hunger that will wake him or her in the night. By six months most babies do not need a night time feed if they have fed well during the day and are not ill. First 9 Months Sleep Advice When your baby is newborn, after having 9 months of a nice snug womb and your body noises and motions to settle them, sometimes the adjustment to the outside world can cause more night wakings than is just down to hunger. It is important to remember newborn babies have no concept of time, night or day, so it will take time for them to fall into a pattern. With your help though, it is perfectly possible to have them sleeping through by six months. Making sure your baby is ready to sleep first of all is most important.

With newborns, as they are so tiny they will mostly drift off to sleep when they are ready but from around 3 months this can change and they may need you to notice the signs of tiredness and help them to settle. Ready to Sleep Checklist Is your baby well fed, clean, dry and winded? Is your baby in good health? Illness can either make babies sleep more or make them find it hard to sleep.

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