Walking the Walk in Network Marketing

Walking the Walk in Network Marketing

Walking the Walk in Network MarketingAuthor: Irene Mori  Multi-level marketing (MLM or network marketing) has gotten a bad name over the years as thousands of people have tried the business and failed.  The statistics still say that 97% of people who sign up will quit before making any measurable income.  Yet the industry continues to thrive as new companies come on the horizon.  Even the old stalwarts such as Amway and Shaklee which have been around for decades are doing well.  New distributors sign up with these companies daily.   Network marketing offers hope as one of the few ways that a person can own his own business with the possibility of making insane amounts of money without a huge financial outlay.  It is as true now as it was years ago.   Some of the real successful giants in the network marketing industry are people who were successful in other fields before they even considered the business.  Professional people such as doctors, lawyers, and accountants have side businesses in network marketing.   People see this industry as a way to leverage their time and build residual income.  Doing the work once and getting paid for years is desirable.  Just as writers and actors can receive royalties for many years, network marketers have the possibility to see their income continue or even grow in the future.

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