Tom Hartley - Authors Articles -

Tom Hartley - Authors Articles -

I have a variety of professional experiences which have coalesced into my most recent endeavours. I have 10 years experience operating a high-end landscape design business. My facility with customer service, contract negotiation, staff and project management, and financial accounting continue to serve me well. My business interests grew into providing professional irrigation design and installations for individual and commercial purposes.

Tom Hartley - Authors Articles -

Over time I realized a clash in values with my business and personal interests. Environmental conditions, water conservation, and the western world\'s growing dependence on \'experts\' are of serious concern to me. This realization prompted a shift from installation to online sales, services and support, with the goal of supporting individuals wanting to engage in hands-on work, and doing more with less. Concomitantly, my interest in the modern human condition found me examining and writing about the importance of people staying connected with the earth through family, community and society. In today\'s world, this includes the electronic connection, which allows us to share our stories, ideas and history with family and friends. Genealogical research, the creation of nostalgic audio-visual DVDs, participation in genealogical communities, and social networks began as a hobby.

Tom Hartley - Authors Articles -

It has grown into my most recent endeavour.

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