The Five Biggest Mistakes Sales People Make

The Five Biggest Mistakes Sales People Make

The Five Biggest Mistakes Sales People MakeAuthor: Jessica SwansonNo matter how you bring your prospects through the door, you will have to contact them. There is no getting around this fact. And whether you are a cold-call specialist or an internet marketer who generates their own leads, you still will need to follow-up with prospects. But, here's the problem. Most people end up losing their sale. Without realizing it, they make important mistakes that lose them money.

The bottom line is that over the years, I have observed that people make five common mistakes in sales: 1) Wasting Time. People waste time. Obviously, watching TV and gossiping on the phone are obvious time wasters. But, some time-wasters are less obvious, but still as dangerous. At the end of the day, there is no greater use of your time than talking with prospects. That's it. Any time that you spend doing other activities is taking away from this critical process.

Of course, you need to spend time on other activities, like marketing and managing your team. But, never forget that 80% of your work day should be spent on talking with new prospects. 2) Living with Poor Discipline. Poor discipline is different than wasting time.

Top performers organize their week, set goals and have standards and benchmarks that they strive to achieve. They get up early in the morning and keep going until they have finished their tasks.

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