Starting Your Online Travel Career

Starting Your Online Travel Career

Starting Your Online Travel CareerAuthor: Personal TravelI did some research on this and found out that the Online Travel industry is growing fast and the best part is that it is generating numerous jobs and many people around the world are setting up their own online travel companies. How do they do that? I did that assignment too and I wanted to share the information I learned from those who have succeeded and who have been earning way more than the average income from their previous jobs. There are sites that are currently providing all the stuff needed to start a new career in this industry and they are termed as Online Travel Consultant or Online Travel Booking Agent. One site I saw provided me some hints on how to do this even in your own home. One company that really got my attention is The Personal Travel Group.

Starting Your Online Travel Career

Here is what they told me:- First, you must watch their informative video which explains the business opportunity to you. After this you complete an online registration application on their web site. You will then be invited to one of their information centres for a full explanation. Once accepted and signed up, they will provide you with access to their system, your own web site and a password. Once they have issued you this, you can access their booking engine through your site.

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