Rock The Party in Sexy Sequins

Rock The Party in Sexy Sequins

Rock The Party in Sexy SequinsAuthor: Suzie SweetIt's that time of year when our wardrobes will be changing for the colder months. This season add shine and sparkle to you clothing and be sure to dazzle everyone in sexy sequins.Sequins will always add glitz and glamour to any outfit and this season there are so many options to choose from. All the fashion houses are sprinkling their party dresses in full sequins and in little subtle bursts to highlight or accent any outfit. The Classic LBD is a wardrobe staple - but the sexy sequins dresses are becoming a fast favourite.Tunic dresses embellished with sequins are an excellent choice for any party outfit. These stunning outfits range from extremely form fitting (a great way to show off your fabulous curves) to body skimming thanks to a range of fabrics available. Look for tunic dresses to be available in a full range of bright colours and metallic fabrics, plus to offer many different sleeve choices; cap sleeves, big shoulders, and even sleeveless are some of the looks you're going to find in plentiful supply. The Asymmetrical dress is a fantastic look for sequins and has long been a wardrobe favourite. Keep an eye out for one shouldered designs with asymmetrical gatherings, ruffles and pleats. There are even many dresses that enhance the asymmetrical shape with asymmetrical sequin designs, a very flattering look for just about any size or shape of body.Sequin dresses are hot, but not the only option! Add sparkle and shine with accessories to brighten up any wardrobe.

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