Rapid Improvement in Function in Alzheimers After Enbrel Injection

Rapid Improvement in Function in Alzheimers After Enbrel Injection

Rapid Improvement in Function in Alzheimers After Enbrel InjectionAuthor: M. HowardThis is a look at a small but fascinating study investigating a new treatment for Alzheimer's disease.Brains in Alzheimer's disease are damaged by long term inflammation of the brain. The progressive deterioration in memory and ability to perform tasks that must have a functioning memory take their gradual toll on these patients and their families. Several million Americans are expected to be develop Alzheimer's disease in the coming decades. Effective treatments are currently poor and ineffective, so new treatments are crucial for the patients and their families. Alzheimer's disease is a demntia resulting from inflammation and damagein the brain. The damage and inflammation occur due to a variety of chemicals that the human body produces for other purposes. One specific chemical called TNF-alpha is thought to be a main cause of brain inflammation that occurs in Alzheimer's disease. TNF-alpha is a protein molecule made by white blood cells which stimulates and activates the immune system in response to cancer or some infections. Too much of this TNF-alpha compound is believed to lead to immune system diseases wherein the immune system attacks healthy tissues, suchas joints(rheumatoid arthritis) or skin(psoriasis). The newest treatments for these diseases make use of drugs that stopTNF alpha activity, thereby reducing undesirable inflammation.

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