Protect Yourself from the Common Cold

Protect Yourself from the Common Cold

Protect Yourself from the Common ColdAuthor: Gerald FitzThe common cold has a lot of commonly accepted home remedies. Gurgling salt water, drinking orange juice, eating vitamin C tablets, eating a warm bowl of chicken noodle soup, the list of supposed remedies goes on and on. What, if any, of these cures actually works?Researchers have spent years trying to sort through all of the reported remedies for the common cold. Through all of the research, there still arent absolutely conclusive results to identify one absolute cure, but there are some helpful findings.First of all, taking Vitamin C has turned out to be one of the most dependable ways to ward off the common cold. Taking 500mg or more a day throughout the cold season will likely reduce your chances of getting a cold. It makes a significant difference for people who are exposed to a lot of cold weather or who are often involved in strenuous exercise. In studies, those who consistently took Vitamin C were much less likely to get a cold, and when they did, it didnt last very long. The results were particularly noticeable in young children. When it comes to this guard against getting a cold, you need to have foresight. It doesnt do nearly as much good when you start taking Vitamin C after getting a cold. It works best if you take it regularly in advance to help you not get a cold in the first place. Your body cant really store up a lot of Vitamin C, so you should try to take get it from different sources throughout the day.

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