How to Make Online Forums Work for You

How to Make Online Forums Work for You

How to Make Online Forums Work for YouAuthor: Jessica SwansonThere are literally thousands of internet forums. They are a wonderful place to advertise your business. Best of all, online forums bring free advertising to your business; what is better than free advertising? Online forums are simply a way to exchange ideas and offer information to others. There are two main reasons to participate in forums: 1) To answer other people's questions/comments 2) To post your own original questions/comments. One of your goals is to promote your expertise in your particular industry. Remember, people are attracted to leaders and if you come to the forums with a leadership mentality ' people will begin to seek out your advice and counsel.

How to Make Online Forums Work for You

How to Participate in a Forum Simply click on a link at the bottom of this page to log into an online forum. - Create your free account (including username and password; keep the same username, password and signature for all the forums that you belong to) - Create your signature file (an ad placed at the end of each of your forum posts). This signature file is of the upmost importance! It advertises your business to everyone that is in these forums. The more posts that you make on online forums, the more people will potentially be exposed to your website (through your signature file).

How to Make Online Forums Work for You

Here are 10 sample signature files that you can use for your home-based business: Honest AND Lucrative Home-Based Business Are You Ready to Make $5,000 a Week? Dreams CAN Come True! Take Part in a 7-Trillion Dollar Industry! Don't Let Another Day Pass You By...

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Dpci Digital Asset Management Systems Simplify Content ManagementAuthor: Dan MansonThe company I work for could no longer get away with tracking the location of key files using a spreadsheet and a shared drive. I was chosen to head up the team tasked with formalizing our digital asset management strategy. Key requirements included centralized storage, controlled access and powerful search capabilities. Digital assets are tens or even hundreds of thousands of files, typically scattered across your companys network.


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