Frozen Foods in the United States

Frozen Foods in the United States

Frozen Foods in the United StatesAuthor: Bharat Book BureauFrozen Foods in the United States report ( ) examines the U.S. market for frozen foods and beverages sold to consumers through the entire retail spectrum, focusing primarily on savory meal-type items and meal components. Following a comprehensive “Market Overview” chapter, separate chapters are devoted to the Center Plate, vegetables/Appetizers/Snacks/Sides, and Breakfast Foods classifications—each of which focuses on high-growth product categories and market trends and opportunities. The report provides extensive retail sales breakouts, past and future, along with a thorough examination of market drivers, the competitive situation, marketer and brand shares, marketing trends and consumer trends. Special features include extensive data presented in easy-to-read and practical charts, tables and graphs. The report also covers topics including organic and “green” appeals, competition from fresh meal solutions, shifts in the retail landscape and global new product trends. To stretch their food dollars, cash-strapped consumers have been reining in their spending and changing the way they shop. Many are trading down—going to restaurants less often for dinner, reconsidering which products really are necessities, and switching to brands and product types with higher perceived value.

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