Does New Fruit2day Rival Fresh Fruit?

Does New Fruit2day Rival Fresh Fruit?

Does New Fruit2day Rival Fresh Fruit?Author: SwayzeBack in May of this year, a new product was released in the US by the international company Hero/WhiteWave.  Called Fruit2day, this fruit drink is intended to help busy people everywhere increase their consumption of fruit. What is Fruit2day? Here is the introduction on the Fruit2day website: No doubt about it, fruit does wonders for your health. Canít argue with that one.  Letís keep going: But itís tough to get your fill with an on-the-go lifestyle. Hmm.  Apparently whoever wrote this has never heard of bananas. Now thereís a new way to eat fruit. As opposed to chewing and swallowing, I suppose. Itís not that we changed fruit.  We just discovered that dicing-up real fruit into little bits and adding them to rich blends of all-natural juice and puree tastes really, really good. Yes, we know.  Itís called a smoothie.  Or, if you want to get all fancy on me, a fruit soup. So drink it, sip it, chew it and enjoy two servings of fruit like you never have before. Oh boyÖI canít waitÖ :roll: Alright...Enough With The Sarcasm The stuff can't really be all that bad.  I mean it is real fruit, right?  And, as the label says, "No added sugars." And I'm all for increasing consumer awareness and encouraging people to eat more fruit. But does Fruit2day really rival the nutrient quality, taste, cost, or portability of fresh fruit? Juicing If you take a look at whatís actually in any one of the four Fruit2day flavors, you will notice that the majority of the ingredients are fruit juices.

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