Bee Keeping Equipment Make Your Productivity Double

Bee Keeping Equipment Make Your Productivity Double

Bee Keeping Equipment Make Your Productivity DoubleAuthor: christoper samuelBee Keeping Equipment you have to have Whether you want to start bee keeping as a pastime or as a business, you have to have the correct bee keeping kit. Bee keeping is an entertaining pastime that will also offer you an additional source of revenue. You can collect the honey for your own use or sell it. You can make candles from beeswax. naturally, you'll need a hive for your bees to live in. The beehive is a wooden frame box that contains multiple parts. The outer cover must be weather resistant to protect your bees. Your hive should also have an inner cover to act as insulation.

The inside of your hive will have important pieces of honey bee equipment called honey supers. The bees use these removable frames for storing honey. When you are ready to harvest honey, you simply slip out the frames. The beehive will have a lower compartment that contains honey supers also but these are for the bees to use to raise their young and store honey to be used as food. A hive stand is necessary to keep the bottom of the hive dry and to provide insulation. A valuable piece of bee keeping appliances are the smoker.

Bee Keeping Equipment Make Your Productivity Double

A smoker is a tiny pot that you fill with grass or burlap and set it on fire to create smoke.

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